Small World Series

1990 – 2000: ‘Small Worlds’:  A series of twenty four images reduced to a square
12 x 12 inch format was chosen for this body of work as an opportunity to simply play with a group of color drawings and enjoy again the process of making a print. These images were greatly influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, whom I had discovered in the 80’s while working on a set of woodcuts called ‘Totem Toys’
The pictorial philosophy of Kandinsky as expressed by his thoughts ‘Concerning The Spiritual in Art’ ( see publication by same title). The concept for this series of prints began as an idea formed while reading the book ‘Flat Land’ by a British mathematician where he describes how one might experience one, two, three or more dimensions of space. These thoughts coupled the idea of a vast universe reduced to a twelve inch square became a starting point; how then to inhabit this space with a variety of simple two dimensional shapes, each with a distinct personality of marks, lines, textures, and color. Allowing them to interact with one another in all manner of spacial, pictorial relationships.

The drawings for this body of work were made using color pens to rough out the color shapes and pictorial structure. A mylar pattern was made of each drawing and transferred to sets of four zinc plates (yellow, red. blue and black) for twenty four prints a total of 96 plates in all. The plates for each image were developed using the intaglio process as previously described in other color work. The element of line in this series assumed  a dominant role for achieving texture and patterns of light and dark. Each of the twenty four prints in this series were made from mylar transfer to finished print in one or two weeks. The intent of these images was to be more playful and whimsical. What a joy!


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