Genesis Two Series

1980 – 1990:  ‘Genesis Two’:  A series of eighteen multicolor intaglio prints and papier colle images were developed using the personal intaglio process developed the 1970’s previously described while adapting a new needle point method of registration developed during this same period. These images began as papier colle paintings based on various creation stories and other ideas provided by the writing of Zecharia Sitchin (see The Complete Earth Chronicles’)

Papier colle is a French term used to describe a collaging technique using small pieces of paper material to develop a flat two dimensional surface. This developmental process used colorful magazine material cut into small, compound shapes. The object of this action was to destroy all reference to the original pictorial image; allowing the spontaneously cut pieces to function as the  formal pictorial elements of shape, color, texture and patterns of light and dark. These paper pieces essentially became a pallet used to paint an abstract image of a particular creation story.  Coupled with parallel stories from the ‘Book of Genesis’  and Sitchin’s interpretations of images found on Sumarian cylinder seals and clay tablets describing the Anunnaki.. By this process a means was found to give form to ideas and thoughts of the mind having no physical form.

A mylar master pattern being made and transferred to each of four zinc plates to begin the intaglio developmental process. The first plate (black) was developed using primarily the hard ground technique of line to establish the pictorial structure. detail
and definition of an over all light / dark pattern. The three color plates; yellow, red and blue developed using primarily the aquatint technique to produce flat areas of
shape and color. Gradations of color and value were achieved by introducing another invention of grease pencil stop-out, a simple pencil gradation technique to produce soft blends of color. Controlling the exposure time of any particular area
to the acid action controlled the depth of etch and a means of measuring the amount of color pigment in those areas. The three original prints in this series ‘Noah’s Ark’,
‘Eden’s Secret’ and ‘The Deluge’ are larger prints, 17.5 x 23.5 inches. The  remaining prints and papier colle images in this series measure 13.5 x 18 inches. The smaller prints required approximately three month to develop from plate work to finished print; the three larger prints in this series from five to six months each.


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