Roetta BP

History behind Roetta BP “Beautiful Place”


The word ROETTA was coined June 1, 1994 as a particular name to identify a professional artists studio and later activities including the planting of a three acre wine vineyard. The ROETTA identity was also a means for recognizing the particular ancestry of the land, the families as a home to three generations of Parsons/Black families.

The name ROETTA is derived from the names of my father and mother. My father Robert Oliver Black was generally know in the community as RO, and mother Henrietta Parsons Black as Henry or Henrietta. Combining RO with ETTA from Henrietta became a way to respectfully remember each in intrinsic ways.

The letters BP meaning Beautiful Place was later added for a rhythmic quality and as a description of the fertile Iowa land in south east Calhoun county Iowa purchased by grand father, John Parsons in 1877.

The studio is a modern Morton type building, 30′ x 60′ located near a one hundred and three year old red barn. The studio is designed to provide working facilities for the procedures of making intaglio, lithographic and relief fine art prints. The studio is fully equipped to facilitate excellent work space, presses and related equipment for the development of all major fine print forms.


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